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BUY Hash Power

Buy hash power in Mh/Sec and or Gh/sec or Th/sec and let DCM handle maintenance and forwarding work for the duration of the contract.


24/7 monitored

Our qualified engineers are stationed in every site and centrally monitored 24/7 for any contingency in service.


Timely Mining Payouts

We have ensured a 95% uptime and timely mining payouts for the past 18 months.

Advantages of Cloud mining farms:

Investing in cloud mining is the most reasonable step in preserving and increasing your crypto-currency assets
DCM Miners

Monitoring of self mining machines

The user gets rid of all the disadvantages of mining: monitoring of cloud mining, setting up equipment, paying bills for electricity.

Quite high profitability

Quite high profitability - services allow you to receive an return on investment of 200% to 400% (* based on historical data) of revenue for the year, which, coupled with a constant increase in the rate of crypto currency makes this very interesting.

Profit can be predicted

Profit can be predicted: investing in contracts for cloud mining has nothing to do with the purchase of shares on the stock exchange - where the price may fall due to reduced demand, and the production of crypto currency is protected from such force majeure, due to the average complexity of the network and the exchange rate.

Referral programs

Referral programs - for the user's invitation, you can rely on a fixed amount or a small additional percentage of the profits on his contracts. So, the creators stimulate the demand for their services, so that cloud-based crypto-currency mining becomes more popular and accessible. This is not a significant income, but still a small bonus.

Quick and easy scaling!

Join the crypto revolution

Seamless integration with DCM multi token wallet for instant credit of the mined coin every day till contract expiry.

Quick and easy scaling! This is an extremely important aspect that is not fundamental at the first stage, but is critical in further development. Unlike the classical production of crypto currency, in cloud mining we are always able to scale our capacities in just a few minutes and at no additional cost.


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Join the crypto revolution by owing or leasing hash power under 2 minutes. Join DCM to be part of the crypto universe. DCM operates and manages our customers mining rigs in China, Malaysia, Cambodia and Thailand. Our latest operations are about to the inaugurated in Quebec, Canada.